Paralegal Studies

Program Guidelines

Diana L. Balasis, Esq., Director -
Robert A. Domski, CLA Asst. Director -
Rita De Lillo, Program Administrator -

Office Locations and Hours:

College at Florham - Madison Campus:
Danforth Hall - 2nd Floor
M, TH and F 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., TU and W 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Metropolitan Campus - Teaneck:
Dickinson Hall - 1st Floor - Continuing Education Suite
M-TH 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., F 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (General)
Or by appointment Program specific

Purchasing Books

College at Florham - Madison Campus: Located in the Student Center 973-443-8656
Metropolitan Campus - Teaneck/Hackensack: Located in Alumni Hall 201-692-2093


College at Florham - Madison Campus: Friendship Library 973-443-8515
Metropolitan Campus - Teaneck: Weiner Library 201-692-2279
Metropolitan Campus - Hackensack: Business Library (Dickinson Hall) 201 692-2608

Emergency Phone Numbers

College at Florham - Madison Campus
Campus Security: 973-443-8888
Florham Park Police Department: 973-377-2811
Florham Park Fire Department : 973-377-2811
Madison Police Department: 973-593-3000
Madison Fire Department: 973-443-3020
Metropolitan Campus - Teaneck/Hackensack
Campus Security: 973-692-2222
Teaneck Police Department: 201-837-2600
Teaneck Fire Department: 201-837-2085
Hackensack Police Department 201-646-7777
Hackensack Fire Department: 201-646-7778

Student Identification Cards

Students need to obtain indentification cards from campus security. Approximately 2 weeks after the start of class, you will receive in the mail your student identification number. Otherwise, please contact Rita DeLillo at 973-443-8690 to obtain your student identification number by phone . This number is required when obtaining your student ID card.

Computer Labs

College at Florham - Madison Campus: Dreyfuss Hall 973-443-8689
Metropolitan Campus - Teaneck/Hackensack: University Hall (Teaneck) and Dickinson Hall (Hackensack) 201-692-7111
Students must obtain login names from the Computing Services Department.
Student ID's are required prior to obtaining a login name.

Parking Information

College at Florham - Madison Campus:
Students may park in the lot below Danforth Hall in designated parking spots. The large orange parking passes that were included in your start pack must be displayed on your windshield when on campus. Students are not permitted to park behind Danforth Hall. Parking behind Danforth Hall is reserved for staff and faculty.
Metropolitan Campus - Teaneck/Hackensack:
Students must obtain a parking decal as a commuter student from campus security and may park in any lot nearest to Dickinson Hall, with the exception of the Faculty and Staff parking lot. This parking lot is only accessible to students after 5:00 p.m.

Inclement Weather

In order to find out whether the University is closed due to inclement weather, please contact our office at 973-443-8690 for cancellation information and/or Campus Security at 973-443-8888 (College at Florham - Madison Campus) and 201-692-2222 (Metropolitan Campus - Teaneck/Hackensack).

Class Schedules

Day Classes run approximately 5 months from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. M-F
Evening Classes run for approximately 10 months from 6:00 - 9:00p.m. two
evenings per week and alternate Saturdays from 9:00a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Civil Litigation
Criminal Law
Family Law
Legal Research & Writing
Corporate Law
Real Estate
Estates, Trusts and Wills
Legal Specialty Course (Immigration, Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy, Employment Law, New York
Practice and Procedure, Elder Care, ADR, Advanced Contracts, Environmental Law.)

Students are assigned one legal specialty course as part of the Program. If students choose to take an additional legal specialty course, a fee of $405 will be charged for each additional course ($450 - 10% discount = $405) and must be paid in full before the start of the course. If a student wishes to switch to another legal specialty course offered in another section, the student must pay $405 in full for the course up front and seek reimbursement at the end of the Program. This system is required by the University as all students attending any given course must be accounted for in order to be added to the roster.

Technical Labs

Westlaw - (computer lab or library lab)
Lexis/Nexis - (computer lab or library lab)
Amicus Attorney - (classroom)
Easy Soft HUD-RESPA - (classroom)
Family Soft - (classroom)
Corporate Internet Usage - (computer lab)

Career Services

Pre-Employment Seminars (Resume Writing and Interviewing Techniques)
Individual Counseling and Resume Critique
Internships, Part-Time and Full-Time Assistance


Computer Labs (Room assignments to be announced)
Learning Centers
Continuing Education Courses - Fee charged for each additional legal specialty course taken - open to students and graduates.

Financial Assistance
There is a deferred payment plan available to students as well as several loan programs. Additionally, students are eligible to apply to the Federal Credit Union on either campus for unsecured loans. Contact Marlene Graver, Billing Coordinator at 973-443-8990 for more information. Please note, it is the student's responsibility to obtain and compile all documents required as part of the financial assistance process. Regardless of the funding sources, all students will be required to sign a promissary note unless paid in full at the inception of the program.

Attendance and Lateness Policy
Students are required to attend lectures as mandated by the American Bar Association. Students must maintain a certain amount of individual class hours in order to fulfill these requirements. Any student that misses more than 3 classes in Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, or Real Estate Law, more than 2 classes in Criminal Law, Family Law, Legal Research and Writing, Estates Trusts and Wills, or the Legal Specialty Course, and/or more than 1 class in Ethics will automatically be required to repeat the course and charged the current rate for the course.

Any student that arrives late for class on a consistent basis and/or in an excessive manner will be penalized. Students will receive an absence for every three late arrivals to class.

Students must be present for all examinations unless prior arrangements are made with your instructor and the Director. Students may be prohibited from taking examinations if they are in default of tuition payments. A student's grades and Certificates will be withheld until the tuition default is cured.

Make Up Exams
Unless otherwise authorized by the Director in advance of the class, any student not taking an exam on the scheduled exam date and/or not turning in a take-home exam or assignment on a scheduled date will have his/her numeric grade reduced by 10 points for every day the exam and/or assignment remains outstanding. In cases of illness, a physician's note must be provided in order to avoid the point reduction. Instructors may not make alternate arrangements and are to direct any student with such inquiry to the Director.

Failure and Incompletes
If any student has not completed the coursework and/or examinations in the timeframe provided, the student will receive an incomplete for the course. Make up exams and assignments will be handled as stated above. Any student who has received an incomplete and has not taken a make-up exam in a timely manner and/or has failed a course (a grade below 65) must repeat the course as soon as possible but no later than a period of one year and will be charged the current rate for the course.

Notification of Grades
Grades for final examinations are mailed to students within three weeks after taking the examination. The examinations are handed back to the students for review. Students will not receive grades over the phone. Students may arrange to review the final examinations by appointment.

Evaluations of Instructors and Instructor Evaluations of Students
Students are asked to evaluate their instructors after each class and feedback is considered by the administration. Instructors evaluate each student and provide feedback on the quality of outside assignments, communication skills, class participation and overall performance.

Appeal of a Grade
Students are encouraged to discuss and resolve grading issues with the individual instructor. However, if the student wants to have administration involvement, the student should write to the Director and identify in detail the nature of the appeal.

Seating Policy
Every student is entitled to one seat on a first come first served basis. There are no assigned seats. If you occupy an additional seat for coats, bags, etc., you will have to remove those items upon request ni order to allow a student to sit there. the seating policy must be adhered to in its entirety. Those that violate this policy and create an environment not conducive to learning will be referred to the Dean of Students.

Taping of Classroom Lectures
Only with the permission of the instructor may students tape classroom lectures.

Eating and Drinking in Class
Faculty members will decide whether to allow the consumption of food or beverages during class. If allowed, students should be aware of their responsibility for cleanliness and avoid classroom disruption.

Cell Phones
Cell Phones must be turned off or operate on a vibrate mode during the entire class period. NO EXCEPTIONS! The cell phone policy must be adhered to in its entirety. Those that violate this policy and create an environment not conducive to learning will be referred to the Dean of Students.

Legal Advice
Students are prohibited from seeking legal advice from the faculty. This prohibition does not foreclose a student from retaining a faculty member as counsel, but, rather eliminates the discussion of personal problems in class.

Change of Name, Address or Phone Number(s)
It is the student's responsibility to inform us of any change of name, address or phone number(s).

Certificate of Completion
In order to receive a Certificate of Completion and Final Transcript, a student must (1) complete all academic, administrative, and financial requirements of the Program, including but not limited to, payment of tuition and University parking fines, (2) ensure that all official transcripts from prior educational institutions and transcript evaluation for international degrees, if applicable, were received, and (3) obtain a passing grade of 65 or higher in each course, and (4) participate in an exit interview with the Director.

Honors Certificate
Honors Certificates are based on an overall performance in the Program, not in each individual course grade. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion with Honors, a student must (1) complete all academic, administrative, and financial requirements of the Program and (2) receive an overall average of 94 or higher. Those students receiving honors will be eligible to be inducted into the Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) National Honor Society.

Transcript Requests
The procedure for requesting a transcript is as follows:
Submit your request in writing via mail or facsimile to 973-443-8524 to:
Fairleigh Dickinson University - Paralegal Studies Program
285 Madison Avenue - M-DH2-02
Madison, NJ 07940
Include your name (as recorded during enrollment), social security number, date/year of attendance, daytime phone number and address where you would like the transcript sent.
Please include a $5.00 dollar check payable to FDU for each transcript request.
Academic Release
In order to provide potential employers, law school services, or other persons with information pertaining to your academic performance in the Program, students must sign an academic release granting us permission to release such information.

Leave of Absence
If a leave of absense is required due to serious illness or personal issues, please contact the Director. A student who has been granted a leave of absence will be discontinued from the Program, unless the student returns within a year. Beyond a year, the leave of absence will convert to a withdrawal from the Program and students will be charged he current rate for any course that needs to be completed. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a very limited basis.

Removal from Program
A student will be removed from the Program for non-compliance with the student's financial obligations to the University and/or for a breach of academic integrity, including but not limited to, falsification of admissions documentation, cheating, or for any dishonesty involving assignments or exams and /or for receiving failing grades in two or more courses. Specifically as it relates to financial obligations, a student will be removed from the Program if the student is in arrears for two consecutive months and/or exibits a pattern of financial irresponsibility.

Withdrawal from the Program
Students must submit a written notice to the Director via certified mail. The effective date of notification will be the date of receipt. Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal. Any student wishing to rejoin the Program at a later date will have to secure permission from the Director and will be charged the current rate for any course that needs to be completed.

Cancellation - Refund Policy
Students will be entitled to tuition refund or cancellation of charges for tuition, other than the $25 application fee and $75 registration fee, in accordance with the following schedule:

        Prior to the first day of class -         100% cancellation of tuition

       During the first week of class -         90% credit for tuition charges only

       During the second week of class -      80% credit for tuition charges only

       During the third week of class -         60% credit for tuition charges only

       During the fourth week of class -       40% credit for tuition charges only

       During the fifth week of class -          20% credit for tuition charges only

       Thereafter  -                                    NO REFUNDS OF TUITION AND FEES